Old western-type home inside redesign by Japanese architects no.555 situated in Yokohama. Project completed in 2012. Enjoy!

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Description by no.555 This location was overseas settlement, and this constructing was constructed about 100years in the past. In Japan, It could be very uncommon that previous western-fashion home is protecting for privately owned. That alone could also be value. While I may even recuperate efficiency, I felt that ought to depart the prevailing State as a lot as attainable. However, was restore of the constructing just isn’t easy. On three sides of the constructing is an structure wall , however one other wall is civil wall. Them it’s a retaining wall. However, I don’t resist towards rainwater. When it rains, the rainwater comes from retaining partitions. Instead, I made to discharg rainwater outdoors the system. Thereby, I might obtain “Atmosphere” “efficiency” and “minimal value”. The outer wall continues to be previous for maintain look of constructing . Structural reinforcement is one pillar removing / addition rigorously, and spend extra time labored. In trendy Japan, it’s “scrap – construct” development for the previous issues or troublesome issues. However , it’s a issues with a brand new one , will erase the reminiscence. This challenge is incomplete because the constructing. This challenge is incomplete because the constructing. However, I needed to go away the extra necessary than performance of “reminiscence” in “an imperfect selection” most suitable option. Visit no.555

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